Jonathan Berryhill (Service Disabled Veteran, US Army)
Jeremy Banks, Sales Director
Clinical Director:
Jason Partrick
Office Staff:
Amanda Hughes - Associate Practice Administrator
Chyenne Burrow - Administrative Assistant
Mable Berryhill - Administrative Assistant
Matt Hill - Sales/Marketing Support
David Robertson - Sales/Marketing Support, Social Media Manager, Website Administration
Get in touch with us today to find out more about our wholesale medical & sports bracing. We'd love to inform you on how we serve our veterans as well!
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We carry products that can increase word-of-mouth tenfold. Products like Exiom, OrthoCor and ThermoActive are items that people can, will and ARE talking about. Adding these to your list of therapies will get your patients talking and, in turn, drive more business.
We carry the BEST bracing available without the high price tag. Brands like New Options, Blue Diamond and media are worldwide leaders in medical bracing. They also cost less in many cases - which make physicians like you very happy!
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